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BlueAnt V1 Voice Control Headset
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Product: BlueAnt V1 Voice Control Headset
Provided By: BlueAnt



V1 Package Cell phones have taken the world by storm and changed the face of how we do business.  I can remember when I saw my first "portable" cell phone and it had to be carried around in a bag.  That evolved to a Motorola "Brick" phone which my dad purchased for a lowly $1,200.  This was a handy device that provided a way for people to contact him when he was away from the office.  Things have changed and that phone is now probably in a museum some place.  Today we demand much more from our phones that just being a mere phone and the amount of time we spend on such wireless devices is increasing.  When we try and focus on holding a phone, talking to a client and driving in heavy traffic we can often get distracted and hands-free kits are not only a great idea, but also the law in some States.  Today we are looking at the BlueAnt V1 Voice Control Dual Mic Bluetooth headset and will find out if this can do more than just keep our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road.

The V1 is the third Bluetooth headset we've looked at from BlueAnt.  We looked at the Z9 back in February of 2008 as well as the Z9i later on in July.


About BlueAnt:

A market leader in the Australian Bluetooth industry, BlueAnt Wireless provides the ultimate in Bluetooth communication and audio streaming solutions.

Our success to date has been rapid yet our approach is simple: to deliver a customer centric solution through the creation of close relationships with all of our partners – from our distributors to our dealers, through to the people buying our products.

We only offer services that we can deliver. We only launch products that we can support.

BlueAnt is the Bluetooth brand which an increasing number of dealers are adding to their range. We recognize that we need to be different. We recognize that we need to be more than just another Bluetooth brand.

All brands speak of quality but do other brands support all of their products with a 2 year full replacement hardware warranty?
BlueAnt does.

Who offers a 72 hour turnaround on any query or warranty concern?
We do.

You want quality third party independent reviews on our product range?
We’ve got them.

We want to talk to consumers. It removes the pressure from our partners and allows them to focus on what they do best. It allows us to answer queries on our products first hand. That’s why we operate a comprehensive customer service and support program.

The integrity of our relationships and supply becomes obvious from the moment that you begin working with us – you are the important factor in the BlueAnt equation. You represent the frontline to our market after all.


Accessories & Bundle:

Like a traditional BlueAnt product, the V1 comes jam-packed with enough accessories to keep you happy, charged and comfortable through the life of the product (2 Year Replacement Warranty).

 Cable Accessories
Cable Accessories
 Other Accessories
Other Accessories


The V1 comes with a pair of newly designed rubber ear gels - one large and one small as well as a pair of large and small Comply™ Foam Tips.  It also uses a different mini USB connector and an adapter so that you can use any traditional mini-USB cable to charge the V1.  I applaud the inclusion of Cigar-plug and wall adapters as well.

Package Contents:

  • V1 Voice Control Bluetooth Headset
  • 1 x Rubberized, metal ear hook
  • 1 x Translucent ear hook
  • Small and Large rubber ear gels
  • Small and Large Comply™ Foam Tips
  • Gooseneck USB Cable
  • USB Adapter
  • USB Car Charger
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • V1 User Manual
  • Warranty Card


On the next page we'll take a closer look before we jump into the features and specs of the V1.