Psyko Audio Interview - Live Demo and Wrap-up

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Psyko Audio Interview
Live Demo and Wrap-up

Psyko Ears-On Demo:

In this section we cover the Psyko Audio headphones in more detail and Jason "Fujitsu" Schneider sits down and gets a demo running the original Call of Duty.


Q: 5.1 headphones are great for gaming, but how do they work when playing back stereo audio such as music and other 2-channel audio?

A: When listening to music in a room that has a guitar on one side and a set of drums on the other; with a set of speakers you will still hear the guitar in both ears.  With traditional headphones - stereo or surround - you'll only hear it in one ear.  The Psyko Audio idea will provide a more real-room experience.  This is an innate sense that this is a more natural experience.


Q: All the speakers are located in the top of the headset - except for the subwoofer.  Where is that located and why?

A: These are really a 5.2 headphone as there is a subwoofer located in each side.  Low frequency noise isn't very directional and this provides deeper base.


Q: The Psyko Audio Headphones come with an external box.  Is that just an AMP, or does it do Digital Signal Processing?

A: It does no DSP or processing of any kind.  The only purpose is to boost the signal and to control the bass and other channel controls separately.


Q: Why would you want to turn down the bass?

A: In order to hear the little sounds - like footsteps, small gunfire and other environmental noises.  If you have the bass turned up you won't be able hear the small sounds that give away the enemy.


Psyko Audio Wrap-up:

As we wrap up with Psyko Audio, we get the scoop on when we'll be able to purchase these and where we can get our hands on a set.



Q: The big question - When and where?

A: April we'll be shipping limited quantities.  You can pre-order then now on  After initial release, they'll be available at large online e-tailers then eventually into the brick and mortal stores.  It's a process.


Q: Why Calgary?

A: I was a single guy living in Winipeg and met a beautiful girl from Calgary. Got married, had kids and decided that it was a great place to live.  I'm into hiking, skiing and scrabling so it all works out great.


Q: Where will you be on March 13-15, 2009?

A: In Vulcan, Alberta at VulcLAN!  We are deciding on how many of us get to come.



It's just another reason to come to VulcLAN 2009, so make sure you come check out the Psyko Audio headphones first-hand.

Please feel free to post your comments and questions in the forum at the "Comments" link below, and go register for VulcLAN!