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Psyko Audio Interview
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When we were at CES 2009 down in Las Vegas, we met with Psyko Audio and were introduced to real surround sound headphones.  What makes these headphones different?  Make sure you check out our interview posted at - and clipped from YouTube below.

Before we jump into the interview, let's find out what Psyko Audio says about themselves on their "About Pskyo Audio" page.

Psyko Audio Labs is a Calgary, AB, Canada based technology group focused on commercializing innovative audio technologies for the consumer markets. Led by Head Psyko and Inventor James Hildebrandt, Psyko is focused on introducing new and innovative surround sound audio products to the gaming community. Psyko Audio’s first product, which gathered a generous reception at the 2009 CES Show, is the Psyko 5.1 PC gaming headset.

Psyko Audio Labs is the result of eight years of innovation and development led by James. Using the patent pending PsykoWave technology, James has reconfigured headphone design in order to deliver to the user a richer, more accurate, and precise surround sound audio experience. Based on psychoacoustic science, the PsykoWave technology is what fuels the Psyko 5.1 headset and what sets it apart from its competition. Psyko Audio will continue to push forward with original and ground-breaking technologies that will shape and define the high-performance headset market.



Attending the Q&A from Psyko Audio - Pat McGinn, Jason Hay and James Hilderbrandt.


Psyko Background:

In this section James talks about what makes Psyko Audio's product unique.


Q: Why are you making headphones?

A: We got tired of not having real surround sound headphones.


Q: What is different about your headphones?

A: Normal "Surround Sound" headphones have multiple speakers per side, but a gunshot that happens on the left side, is only heard with your left ear.  Our headphones uses speakers mounted on top of the headphones.  We then channel the sound down into the down through the waveguides and into both ears.  This is different as both ears will hear the sound - but the left ear will hear it first.  There are rear and front ports.  These put the sound in the proper position to each ear.  This makes the sound natural.


Q: How do these compare to headphones with a lot of surround separation - like the Zalman ZM-RS6F headphones?

A: Again, each sound is only played in each ear, not both as is the natural world.  Psychoacoustics shows that when sound is played in both ears, it sounds up to 6dbi louder.  This is the way we naturally hear sound and it allows the gamer to experience more detailed sound.


There is a lot more details if you watch the entire clip above.  Head over to the next page as we talk about stereo application, bass performance, adjustment as well as an in-game demo.