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Interview and Tour of CoolIT Systems
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We've reviewed a few CoolIT Systems products over the years and recently have been able to take a bit of a tour through their shop and ask them some questions about their products, the R&D involved and where they are going.  Before we jump into the video clips, we'll have a quick look at the company profile and look at the products we've reviewed.

For years, CoolIT has been working with leaders in the computer industry to research, design, and provide an affordable new cooling product that provides a comprehensive solution for end users while exceeding high OEM standards. This carefully designed and patented technology unleashes the full potential of a PC, providing superior cooling performance while reducing system level noise and improving reliability of vital components. This small, but potent, pre-assembled product can be easily installed inside any standard chassis.

Aside from the current product offering, there are several additional products poised for release in the coming months to service the demanding cooling requirements of high performance video cards, multi-processor computers, and servers.

Leveraging the technology

The same core technology being utilized in CoolIT's computer cooling products is being applied to enable other useful products that have novel appeal. The first of which is the CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller which will keep your beverage cold to the last drop running silently off your USB interface. We felt it only appropriate to help keep your beverage cold while you're enjoying your new CoolIT liquid chilled enhanced PC. CoolIT's expertise in the field of thermoelectric cooler utilization will pave the way for many other innovative products that will not only appeal to the most tech savvy users but to the broader market arena as well.


Our Past Reviews:


Q: What goes into a CoolIT Systems product?

A: It starts with the design.  With our engineering department we have here we do everything from computation fluid dynamics comparisons along with practical testing for flow dynamics - what the flow resistance is for each individual water block type.  We not only test our own, but also bench ourselves against every other competitive product out there.

The ability to ensure the small low-power efficient pump we incorporate into the Domino design doesn't have any lost opportunity for efficient in heat transfer vs. flow, pressure drop vs. thermal resistance and even material costs associated with that so that we can use the minimum amount of copper without sacrificing any possible amount of performance.


Q: Do you tear down the competition's components to see how they work?

A: We primarily tear down our own.  The ability to take our manufactured product, tear it apart, analyze it, ensure that we have quality construction all the way through is important. The end goal is that we want to produce quality product with quality results.


CoolIT Systems - Roots:

Our roots stem from Thermo-Electric chilled liquid cooling systems.  We've branched out from there to include liquid cooling systems with standard radiators.  Early founders ran a metal fabrication business and were in a band together.  They gone through many iterations that has culminated in the Freezone and other high-end coolers.