Zowie P-RF Waterproof Mousepad

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Zowie P-RF Waterproof Mousepad
P-RF Daily Use and Gaming

Product: Zowie P-RF Mousepad
Provided By: Zowie
Price: ~$24.99 Online



Zowie probably isn't the first name you think of when it comes to a mouse pad.  In fact, they probably aren't even on your top 10 list, but today we have a mouse pad on our bench that may change that.  It is the P-RF pad and it is a large cloth pad that is also waterproof.  That may not be a high-priority when choosing a pad, but this cloth mouse pad has a few other things going for it as well.  Before we get into the review, let's find out a little more about ZOWIE GEAR.




ZOWIE GEAR has their headquarters in California and also has an office in Korea as well.  The next bit of information below has been pulled from their website.

ZOWIE GEAR consists of experienced individuals that share the same objective --- develop high quality, efficient, and durable products all at affordable prices . All the products of ZOWIE GEAR are developed for people's ideal. It is through our development and critical production process that makes these dreams come true.


First impressions:

I am normally a hard surface mouse pad person.  When I received my SteelSeries Ikari lronlady laser mouse I also received the little QcK mouse pad.  I say little because it is small for me.  When I was given the Zowie P–RF It came rolled up in a cardboard box.  The first thing I noticed was the size which is 13.4 x 11.4 x .16 inches, much bigger than the QcK pad (which is a bonus for I am a gamer who moves the mouse around a lot). I found the thickness a bit much since I am use to a thin mouse pad.  The finish is bumpy and has no design.  The Zowie P-RF has a "grippy" bottom and will stay put. One interesting feature of this mouse pad is that it’s water proof.  So if you spill your beverage, the pad will be safe but not your mouse.

Pad Profile
Pad Profile



  • Water proof surface , easy for cleaning
  • Works perfect for all mice
  • Right size for designers & gamers : 340 x 290 x 4 mm / 13.4 x 11.4 x 0.16 inch
  • Special designed non-slip rubber base
  • Pure cloth surface could be bent without damage 


On the next page I'll share my thoughts on daily use as well as gaming with the P-RF from ZOWIE GEAR.