Zowie P-RF Waterproof Mousepad - P-RF Daily Use and Gaming

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Zowie P-RF Waterproof Mousepad
P-RF Daily Use and Gaming

Everyday use:

For everyday I typically use an Ikari lronlady mouse on a QcK pad.  I like the thin QcK pad but it is small.  I really like the ZOWIE P-RF, but it is too thick.  The Ikari lronlady tracked well on the Zowie P-RF and the size made it nice to surf the web. We put some water on the ZOWIE and it did not soak in.  The surface was pretty wet and once the water came off, I had no problem using it immediately afterwards.




Getting the opportunity to test a gaming mouse pad is nice, for then I have an excuses to sit and play. This is challenging with two kids though.  I used the ZOWIE P-RF in Unreal tournament and Tomb Raider Underworld.  It worked well with both games. If I had my wrist band on (I know) I would have been able to play longer. This Zowie mouse pad was responsive and smooth. 

 Bottom Texture
Bottom Texture
Water Proof
Water Proof



Final thoughts:

Durability is a necessity for gaming and everyday use and my QcK mouse pad is fraying.  The ZOWIE looks to be well made and ready for some serious use.  If I could find the best soft mouse pad this almost makes it.  Water proof – Good. Size – Good. Grippy bottom – Good.  In my opinion if you are looking for a good size mouse pad and do not mind the thickness the ZOWIE P-RF is a good choice.  The price is worth it.




  • Excellent "grippy" bottom doesn't slide on your desk
  • Nice coarse texture tracks well with the Ikari Laser
  • Waterproof makes for easy cleanup on a cloth pad
  • Nice and big



  • Little thicker than I'd like




  Editor's Choice

We'd like to thanks ZOWIE GEAR for sending over this new pad for us to try out.  Please post any questions or comments you may have at the link below.