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Product: Lian Li PC-65
Reprinted By Permission Of: LobbDogg
Article By: LobbDogg
Edited By: Benjamin "Zeus" Heide

(Ed. Note:) This article is reprinted with the permission of a buddy of mine, LobbDogg. This is not your basic review, but a bit of a personal look into "Project Lian Li". We both thought you might find it of interest.
First Thoughts & Impressions:
I have recently acquired a new case to replace my older Thermaltake Xaser II. While I had used the Thermaltake case, I had invested in a water cooling kit, multiple drives, fan controllers, and more accessories. I was getting a little tired of the big case and kind of missed the smaller more portable cases. So I decided to purchase a new Lian Li PC-65. The case stands at 18" tall, has a clear side panel, and is completely tool-less. Here are a couple of shots of the case just after coming out of the box.
This next picture below is showing probably the coolest feature of this case which is the removable motherboard tray that comes out the back and is held in by 4 thumbscrews.
The next pic is of the inside of the case. There are a total of 4 case fans that come with the case. 2 in the front that are covered by a filter that can be removed and cleaned. 1 on the back near the CPU, and 1 on the top for a blowhole.