Samsung's 191T+ Silver

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Samsung's 191T+ Silver
Testing and Conclusion

Product: Samsung 191T+ 19" LCD
Provided By: Ryan "Howdy Duty" Ward

Introduction & Specs:

A while back, a buddy of mine ordered up a Samsung 191T+ LCD. At the time he was down in the US, and said that I could take a look at it when it arrived. It was with eager anticipation that I opened the box and set up this beauty. I haven't been a big fan of LCD's in the past as they aren't quite up to par as far as gaming goes, and while text quality is generally excellent, I still want a display that can do it all. Keep on reading to find out if the 191T+ can live up to my expectations, or if I still have some more waiting to do.

Here are some of the unit's features & specs - according to Samsung:

  • Viewable Image Size: 19"
  • Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 750:1
  • Viewing Angle (H/V): 170 / 170
  • Interface: Analog/Digital
  • Horiz. Frequency: 30-81
  • Max/Native Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Emissions Standard: TCO '99
  • Available Color(s): Black, Silver
  • Special Features: Dual CPU input (analog/digital) & auto signal detection, 0.7" bezel width, internal power supply.
  • Pivot Technology
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Response Time (ms): 25
  • Interface: Analog/Digital

Display & Bundle:


The LCD unit itself is quite large. Measuring in at 19" corner to corner makes this a really nice unit. The nice thing about this unit is that it comes with both a Standard VGA cable as well as a DVI cable. The unit can support two systems hooked up at once, and is able to toggle between the two.

The software that comes with the display is pretty much standard fare. It ships with a Samsung driver CD that also includes a Color Setup Utility. The other CD that ships is Pivot Pro - software that allows you to rotate your display. Very cool stuff.

Below are a couple of more shots of the unit:
The pin with the tag on it (pictured above) can be removed and allows the stand to telescope. A handy feature to help you adjust the height for horizontal viewing, and absolutely necessary for vertical viewing.
Both ports worked well on my Radeon 9800Pro, although I couldn't tell any difference in quality when using the DVI interface. I tried gaming, movies, and photo editing all looked equally sharp and accurate.
Other Features:
Samsung has included a feature called "Magic Bright" on this LCD. It has different pre-sets for contrast/brightness for different tasks. In my opinion this is a tremendous help, as the different profiles enhanced the applications they were designed for. There are profiles for Web, Text, Entertainment (Movies & Games) as well as a User Defined Profile. Excellent stuff.
The Dual Inputs are very handy if you have a couple of computers next to each other and want to see what is going on with the other machine. They also work very well in any situation where two people, with their respective computers need to share a single display. The only issue I see is that people won't want to share. . . it looks great.

Kudos to Samsung here for including both DVI and VGA cables with this monitor. Very little is more irritating to me than to spend a good chunk of green on a product, then have to go back to the store and pick up cables. With the 191T+ you're covered. It comes with everything you should need to get you started and keep you going.

The LCD doesn't use an external AC-DC converter. It plugs into AC with a standard cord just as you use to plug in your computer. One less thing to trip over and bung up the floor if you ask me.

Enough of the prelude, let's head on over and see how this baby performs.