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Testing the Trendnet TV-IP512WN

Testing the TV-IP512WN:

When it comes to testing the TV-IP512WN, we ran a few different scenarios and tried out recording on both the SD card (set up through the web interface) as well as recording to a computer hard drive (set up through IPView Pro).  Both situations worked just fine and an email was sent when the motion detection was triggered.  The camera saves a still image when triggered as well as records a specified length or size of file.  For our tests we used a 60 second clip and had the camera email me.  Within seconds, I received an email with a picture of the offending individual - including a time and date stamp.

I also wanted to see what kind of network lag there was on this camera as well as internet lag.  On a local network, the video shows less than a 1 second delay, but when port-forwarding and viewing the camera from a remote location over the internet, it seems to be about a 5 second delay.  Fujitsu had fun one night bossing me around and timing my response.  He had me do different activities, and timed the delay until he saw me react.  Suddenly, I'm really hoping that he didn't record any video of that "testing" session.



After leaving the camera running for about an hour in my office, I popped out the 8GB SD card and found that there were already 41 files captured and indexed with a date and time stamp.  These were all short video files and some of them captured some interesting things.


My youngest son, James, seems pretty happy to take a coffee cup and a couple of wireless mice for his older brother.  Also, please bear in mind that the captured video is actually 640x480 at 30fps and is quite good - much better than most webcams, and certainly better than the security footage you often see on America's Most Wanted.


Final Thoughts:

After showing off the Trendnet TV-IP512WN to a local car collector, he has expressed great interest that I come and install a four camera system at his location.  He already has a security system, but can see the added benefit of live video monitoring of his place.  In fact, anyone with valuables should consider putting up some kind of a video surveillance system so that they can better protect themselves and increase the chances of getting their stuff back if someone should try to break-in and steal their possessions.  The only major flaw I see with this entire setup is the fact that you must use Internet Explorer and ActiveX controls in order to configure picture quality and motion detection through the browser.  All in all, for $300CAD it's a small price to pay for greater peace of mind.



  • Motion detection and email alerts.
  • Two way audio.
  • Good quality video quality.
  • Can store locally (SD Card) or on a network device.
  • Comes with good software & everything needed for installation.



  • Must use IE for web configuration.
  • Not a cheap camera.
  • Outdoor enclosure can set you back another $150 (Heated & Cooled)



 Editor's Choice


I'd like to thank Trendnet for lending us this camera for the review.  It was interesting to see how well it worked and how simple it is to control multiple cameras.

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