Back to School Gifts for Every Budget

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Back to School Gifts for Every Budget
Ideas from $100 to $500
Ideas for those with ~$1000 to spend


This is the first Back-To-School guide that we've posted at BCCHardware and we may have a bit of a different look at this whole back-to-school than other sites.  We have broken down the guide into price ranges and this guide covers ideas for those in grade school as well as those going back to college.  We've got a total of 10 products worth considering in five different price ranges.  Let's start out with some budget stuff that would work for a lot of people.

Back To School


Sub $50:

Go Mic Other than pencils, paper and few other consumables, there often aren't a whole lot of products represented in a tech guide.

Samson Audio Go Mic - $49.99 MSRP - Find Lowest Price Here

The Samson Audio Go Mic has been recently announced and this little USB condenser microphone is a worthy addition to almost everyone's gear.  A condenser microphone is much more sensitive that the cheap mics that come with your $20 headset and is far superior to the microphone in your webcam or notebook.  The Samson Audio Go Mic looks very slick and provides you with excellent audio quality for podcasting, Skype, or even for recording your favorite YouTube clips.


be.ez LArobe Netbook 10.2 Sleeve - $19.99 MSRP - Shop for LArobe Here

be-ez Netbook Sleeve

If you picked up a shiny new 10" netbook over the summer or are thinking about grabbing one before school starts up, you should consider protecting your investment with something like the be.ez LArobe Netbook 10.2.  This little sleeve will protect your netbook from scrapes, bumps and the everyday wear and tear that happens when your favorite netbook sits inside your backpack.  At $20, it makes a very affordable gift to someone who is heading off to college and may not protect their gear as much as they should.

It also comes in "2Pink", "2Blue", "2Green", "Red Kiss" and of course the black and white version you see here.  



Under $100:

If you've got a little bigger budget and want some great ideas for your favorite student - or for yourself, there are a couple of things that we recommend checking out.

Powerstick Profile Powerstick USB Powered Portable Charger - $49.99 Online

This item originally debuted at $70 but has since dropped making it even more appealing.  The Powerstick USB Powered Charger looks like a USB flash drive and it charges when plugged into your computer.  On the other end of the device is a jack that outputs power with the appropriate cable to your favorite cell phone.  The Powerstick covers Apple, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Nokia and Palm devices as well as those that use mini-USB and micro-USB.  Not bad for a product that offers an extra 750mAh and gives you extra talk time, music listening and more.




Mophie Juice Pack Air - $79.95 MSRP - Check for Lowest Price

Juicepack Air The sub $100 segment is all about extending the battery of your device this year.  The Mophie Juice Pack Air is the latest and greatest (also the slimmest and lightest) battery extender for your iPhone 3G or 3GS.   It offers a very significant battery boost to your iPhone without adding a lot of bulk to your device.  The battery is 1200mAh and this should give you an extra 9 hours of video playback on the 3GS and an additional 20 hours of audio playback on the 3G iPhone.  For $80 it makes your iPhone actually usable for an entertainment device and you should still have enough battery left to make a few calls.

On the next page we'll cover a few more items that will set you back a little more, but still offer good value.