Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Mid-Tower Case - Installation and System Setup

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Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Mid-Tower Case
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Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case - Installation:

Time to get a system into this case and see how it works, for this testing we will be using one of our Intel test machines which would be considered a mid-range system and should be a good fit for a case like this.

Intel Test System:

Installation of a system into the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case is pretty straight forward, and I can't really see any issues that might arise. Installation is pretty standard and there isn't anything out of the ordinary and like with any case cable management is probably going to take the majority of your time.

The system I used to test out the case is a Micro-ITX board, which fits inside the case with lots of room to spare. Full ATX boards will also have no problems fitting, however like any mid-tower case there isn't going to be an over-abundance of space, but it will fit with no issues.

As you can see in the pictures below, the CPU is not going to be having any cooling issues thanks to the 120mm and 230 mm fans that are positioned near the CPU cooler. While this might almost seem like overkill, I think it gives users a lot of flexibility and also the option to use a fan controller to slow the fans down even more to reduce noise if their CPU isn't running very hot. For users that want to run a nice big hot Quad-core CPU, this extra cooling will be appreciated.

My only complaint about the whole installation process would be the tool-less drive bays. I found the clips that hold the drives (both optical and HDD) to be sometimes a little tricky to get all clipped in properly, and in most cases it took me a couple attempts before I was able to get them secured properly. Once secured the drives are nice and snug and they aren't going to fall out or anything, but I had to fumble with the clips before they clipped in. Now the average user isn't going to be putting drives in and out on a regular basis, so this issue is minor to say the least, but it's worth mentioning as I've seen other tool-less designs that were much simpler.

installed2 .jpg
Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case - Installed
installed .jpg
Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Case - Installed


Well, installation was a breeze, let's move onto my final thoughts and give the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case a final score.