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Cinebench and x.264:

It's no secret that 3D Rendering and modeling through programs like 3DStudioMax, Blender and others are very CPU intensive.  Of course with all the stream processors available in today's graphics cards, some of heavy workload is now being offloaded to the GPU, but a good 3D program can bring a system to its knees - especially when rendering lighting effects and very smooth models.  We've put Cinebench 9.5 as well as Cinebench R10 to the test and see how overclocking helps out and speeds up the process.  Both of these programs can be ran on a single core, or multiple cores to speed up the work process.



Finally, we take a look at some video encoding through the x.264 and x.264HD benchmarks.  These programs are multi-threaded and take advantage of fast clock speeds, hyper threading, if available as well as a fast subsystem.  This system is not nearly as fast as an overclocked Core i7 920, but it still does much better than real-time on standard definition video and manages a little better than 25 FPS on HD video when overclocked - slightly better than real-time speeds of a 24FPS HD video.



Gaming Performance:

The original Far Cry games blew us away with its high detailed graphics, incredible field of view as well as amazing water effects.  Far Cry 2 has left me feeling a little disappointed with its overall look as the game has a much grittier look and feel.  That being said, it is still a popular game and it includes a very handy benchmarking tool.  We ran a couple of resolutions with two detail settings to get a feel at how the CPU affects performance in the game.  Keep in mind that the game is being powered by a single HD4850 - par for the course with an E8400 processor.

 Gaming Performance


The other game we threw in was Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and both games were ran at 1280x720 at maximum image quality - they both looked very good on my TV.