ASRock P45X3 Deluxe Motherboard - Final Thoughts and Score

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Final Thoughts and Score

Final Thoughts:

The ASRock P45X3 Deluxe is a good motherboard with a nice list of features that put it on the borderline of a true "Deluxe" motherboard in my opinion.  I love the diagnostic LED display on board as well as the power and reset buttons.  The overclocking recovery BIOS feature works well and if you're truly stuck, the CMOS reset button is located on the back I/O for your convenience.  Those features are certainly deluxe, but the Switch-Card for the PCIe slots is not so deluxe.  Also the lack of rear USB, Firewire and Serial brackets also detract from the Deluxe moniker.  In the end, for just over $100, it is pretty hard to beat and should be considered if you're building a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad system.



  • Good layout
  • 8-phase power regulation for the CPU
  • Excellent overclocking capability
  • Supports CrossfireX
  • Good passive cooling on critical components.
  • Onboard power, reset, post and CMOS reset buttons



  • No rear brackets and poor accessories
  • No Crossfire bridges
  • Crossfire Switch card - still



Silver Award


I'd like to thank ASRock for sending over this board for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.