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Product(s): Thermaltake ISGC-400 CPU Cooler
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A couple weeks back we took a look at the Thermaltake ISGC-300 CPU Cooler (full review over here), and today we are going to take a look at another cooler in this new ISGC lineup, the new ISGC-400 CPU Cooler. This new ISGC (Inspiration of Silent Gaming Cooling) line of products from Thermaltake is a little bit of a different approach when compared to their product lines in the past, but the ISGC-300 proved itself to be a very worthy competitor.

There are definite similarities between the ISGC-300 and the ISGC-400 coolers, and the finish and heatpipe cooler design is similar, but the ISGC-400 has a much lower profile (height) than the ISGC-300 that we took a look at. The ISGC-400 is going to be more aimed at the user that doesn't have a ton of space in their case, and will be aimed more at applications like HTPC's. Both the ISGC-300 and the ISGC-400 feature the same fan, the ISGC case fan (we reviewed the Thermaltake ISGC case fan over here). The ISGC case fan is an improvement over older fan designs, and offers user-adjustable fan control which helps you balance noise and performance depending on your application.

Let's take a closer look at the ISGC-400 CPU cooler....


First Impressions:

When it comes to low profile coolers, the ISGC-400 immediately looks like a contender when compared to some of the "cheaper" alternatives. Right away you can see and feel that the ISGC-400 is a pretty well constructed cooler, and has a pretty space-efficient design.

front .jpg
Box (Front)
back .jpg
Box (Back)


heatsink .jpg
Side View
bottom .jpg
Bottom View


If you took a look at our review of the Thermaltake ISGC-300 cooler (Full Review Here), you'll notice that the general appearance of the ISGC-400 is somewhat similar. The ISGC-400 is significantly smaller than the bigger version ISGC-300, but then do have some pretty similar characteristics. The ISGC-400 is designed to fit into smaller spaces that other tower coolers can't, and the design allows it to sit over top of memory (check out the installation section of this review for more pictures of that).

bottom3 .jpg
Bottom View
side .jpg
Side View


Accessories (pictured below, right) are pretty standard (and exactly the same as the ISGC-300). You'll get everything you need for Intel (LGA775 and i7) and AMD installations. Everything else is pretty standard and nothing too out of the ordinary.

bottom2 .jpg
Bottom View
accessories .jpg


There we go, that's a close up look at the ISGC-400, let's move onto the next section.