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Product: Evercool Transformer 4 CPU Cooler
Provided By: Evercool



Today we've got a new cooler on the bench from Evercool; the Evercool Transformer 4 CPU cooler. This is the first Evercool cooler that we've taken a look at here at BCCHardware, but Evercool is anything but a new company and they have been producing computer cooling products for quite some time now (you can read more about Evercool over here).

The Evercool Transformer 4 is a large tower heatpipe cooler which is similar to some others that we've taken a look at in the past, however the Transformer 4 comes with 2 120mm fans which are designed to achieve a balance of high performance cooling while remaining nice and quiet.

Let's see what the Evercool Transformer 4 is all about in the next section.


First Impressions:

The first thing you'll notice about the Transformer 4 is that it's huge, especially when you've got both of the 120mm fans on it. The Transformer 4 is also nice and shiny and a pretty flashy looking cooler. Also it's interesting to note that the Transformer 4 weighs in at 843.5g which makes it one of the heavier coolers we've tested.


Evercool Transformer 4 - Side View
side2 .jpg
Evercool Transformer 4 - Side View
top .jpg
Evercool Transformer 4 - Top View
base2 .jpg
Evercool Transformer 4 - Bottom View


As you'll notice in the picture below (left), the Transformer 4 comes with two 120mm fans, and you'll notice that they both need to be connected to the motherboard individually. Its also interesting to note that Evercool has no fan control on either of the fans (I would assume to help keep the price lower), I was a little concerned about this at first as I had visions of firing this cooler up and having the fans spin up to some ridiculous high RPM and make a racket, however that was not the case at all and both the fans actually are very quiet (both run at ~1000 RPM).

sideview .jpg
Evercool Transformer 4 - Side View
accessories .jpg
Evercool Transformer 4 - Accessories
boxfront .jpg
Evercool Transformer 4 - Packaging (Front)
boxback .jpg
Evercool Transformer 4 - Packaging (Rear)


So there we go, that's what the Transformer 4 looks like, let's see how it performs in the next sections.