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Samsung LD190 Features & Specifications:

To get a full list of the specs and features of this unit please head on over to the Samsung product page here. Below is a hefty summary that has been pulled from their page and pasted here for your convenience.


The Samsung LD190G wide screen monitors deliver enhanced productivity and expanded entertainment. Designed to fit perfectly with laptop PCs, they offer USB access to multi-tasking on the move.

perfect high speed performance
With a response time of 5 ms, you can be sure that your monitor will perform perfectly, even in the fastest moving scenes. This stunning, seamless motion imaging presents movies, games, and internet streamed content with precision and without the motion judder, blurring, and ghosting that can occur on a slower monitor, allowing you to enjoy a completely immersive viewing experience.

dynamic color, dramatic detail
The phenomenal 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio achieves immaculate image integrity. Through intelligent automatic backlight adjustment, deeper black and brighter white tones are created, enabling every image to be presented with rich, realistic color and dramatic depth of detail.

see both sides of everything
Look to your right, then left. If gadgets, sidebars and movies feel clipped or crammed, you need a wider monitor. Like the Samsung monitor. It's wide enough to pull up two internet screens side by side. With excellent viewing angles, your eyes will move more easily across the screen. And with more space you can enjoy what’s there instead of wondering where it went.

Double the efficiency, double the entertainment.
Slim and stylish, Samsung monitors make a perfect match with your new notebook. Equipped with a bottom line stand and tilt function, Samsung Lapfit monitors sit neatly beside your notebook and can conveniently deliver the same sloped angle. Whether you have business or entertainment on your mind, setting up with dual monitors is easy with its USB hookup and allows you to synchronize screens to form one large display area and maximize your productivity. And with its wide view 16:9 ratio, full HD1080p and its single hotkey, designed to control brightness levels and minimizes eye fatigue, you always have the best view in the house.

choose your favorite view
Using the Color Effect feature gives you access to a range of photographic effects, enabling you to enjoy enhanced image interaction. The four color effects available, Grayscale, Green, Aqua, and Sepia, open up your options and allow you to choose the view that suits your mood for a truly tailored viewing experience.

Off Timer
The Eco-friendly Off Timer is an energy saving function that allows the monitor to be turned off automatically at any specified time. By using this feature, you can ensure that the monitor maintains its optimum performance level for an extended period of time, remaining reliable and dependable for the duration of its life.

Just plug and play
Samsung’s UbiSync technology makes it easy to connect your Lapfit monitor and notebook – just plug and play via the USB interface for dual monitor capability. And it’s just as easy to disconnect; the auto-restoration allows you to instantly and effortlessly return to using just one monitor. UbiSync makes sure getting larger screen size doesn’t mean a bigger headache.

intelligent Image Size function
The intelligent adjustable Image Size function gives you access to enhanced image enjoyment by enabling standard sized content to be viewed at its correct size on a wide screen. This eliminates image stretching and distortion, allowing you to enjoy images that are presented in their original format.

the key to comfort
The Custom Key function puts enhanced entertainment at your fingertips. By allowing you to assign your favorite function to the Custom Key, advanced image interaction is made available at the touch of a button. Simply select from the MagicBright, MagicColor, Color Effect, and Image Size functions and enjoy quicker access to the function you need.




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