Samsung 19in Lapfit LD190 LCD - Subjective Tests and Conclusion

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Samsung 19in Lapfit LD190 LCD
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Subjective Tests and Conclusion

Color Quality and Banding:

While the Colorimeter shows that the LCD has very good color accuracy, we fired up DisplayMate to see how the color scales and if there is "banding" when blending from one color to another.  Overall the color seems to be very good on this LCD and there is little to no banding visible.  When viewing a solid red gradient, there is a little banding visible, but it is so minor that it was virtually impossible to photograph.  Below are a couple of pictures of brightness scaling as well as color scaling.

 Brightness Scaling
Brightness Scaling
Color Scale
Color Scale


Performance - Text:

The majority of my use and is text and internet browsing and I used the LD190 in this regard as a third display on my laptop for several weeks and was very pleased with the overall text quality.  The resolution on this 19" unit is less than most 19" displays at 1360x768 and this gives it a bit of a larger text and font size.  I don't mind small text and to be honest, I'd prefer a little more real-estate that comes with higher resolution.

For general text and internet use, this LCD appeals to a wider audience however and the resolution promotes very legible text size for viewing web pages, documents and other text-heavy applications.


Performance - Video:

I didn't have much time to watch movies, but I did make sure to watch some movie clips on the LD190 using both the VGA and USB connections.  The VGA connection shows great performance and is a non-issue.  There are some bandwidth issues when using the USB interface however.  DVD movies and other 480p content looks great, but once you get into the 720p territory or larger, the display seems to drop frames and the content becomes sporadically pixilated.  It does have an "optimize for video" setting in the system tray, but it still can't stack up with a VGA connection.

  Triple Monitor
Triple Monitor

Performance - Gaming:

I'm spoiled when it comes to gaming on LCD displays.  I currently use a 30" Samsung 305T or a 245BW and am used to having things larger and running at higher resolutions than the LD190 can offer.  Once again, the VGA connection works great for gaming but the USB connection suffers bandwidth limitations.  That being said, there is absolutely no ghosting and gaming is crisp, vivid and flawless on the LD190 - as long as you use the VGA connection. 



The Samsung Lapfit LD190 is a very unique display that is marketed at a unique demographic.  It offers basic LCD functions with a very basic resolution.  It doesn't have an adjustable stand, nor does it support DVI, HDMI or HDCP content.  What it does bring to the table is display connectivity via a USB cable.  This allows you to put additional displays on your laptop.  While most laptops support dual screens, the Lapfit gives you the ability to take things up a notch and add even more displays.  I've taken my Thinkpad T61 up to three displays and the added convenience is great.


  • Compact design
  • VGA input as well as USB2.0
  • Accurate color and image quality
  • Allows multiple displays regardless of VGA/DVI ports
  • Stand folds into display for easy transportation
  • Great value for ~$130 online



  • Doesn't play back 720p or greater video
  • Low contrast ratio 
  • Stand does not adjust




I'd like to thank Samsung for sending us this display for the review.  It will be a shame going back to a mere two displays.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.