LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder

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LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder
Closer Look and General Usage

Product: LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder
Provided By: LUXA2 - A Division of Thermaltake
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H1-Touch Box Introduction:

When Thermaltake recently asked me if I would be willing to look at one of their LUXA2 products, I agreed knowing that the LUXA2 line is generally quite sleek and sophisticated.  I had no idea what I was getting and when the box arrived, I quickly opened it with anticipation.  Then I saw the H1-Touch.  My excitement quickly dissipated and I wasn't all that excited about the H1-Touch Mobile Holder.  Once I opened the box and took a closer look at the H1-Touch, my mind was swayed back to the realization that this could in fact be a decent product.  Keep on reading to see how this device holds up and if it's a worthy accessory for your mobile device.


First Look:

I have a lot of mobile devices and normally they sit on my desk and if I want to play a video on my Zune or iPod Touch for instance, I had to prop it up in order to view it comfortably.  I did purchase a side flip case for my Zune that allows it to stand on it's own, but it's not always that handy.  Once I inspected the LUXA2 H1-Touch, I saw the possibilities.

 Closed Up
Closed Up
 Open Wide
Open Wide


The gripping mechanism is gear driven so that all the arms move in unison with each other and provide a nice solid hold on your device.  It's a simple design, but it works and that is important as no one wants their iPod to fall out of the holder and on the floor.


About LUXA2:

The following information about LUXA has been pulled from their website here and pasted for your convenience.

LUXA2, a Division of Thermaltake, was created in 2009, with characteristics of simplicity, luxury, and unique lifestyle. The core design theory of LUXA2 starts from simple shapes blending with luxury elements, which create the unique lifestyle for different segments within the society such as Creative Pro, Mobile Blogger, Leisure Seeker, Hip Newbie, Entertainment Junkie, and Apple's Mac Lovers.

LUXA2 represent an emerging trend of "individuality" in the world. Not only do people need function, but they also need aesthetic appeal. This is what LUXA2 has achieved. Exquisite craftsmanship with aesthetic and elegant design style is a promise and commitment from LUXA2. Thus, the Simplicity, Luxury and Lifestyle of LUXA2 creates a Uniquely You.

The design theory of LUXA2 starts from simple shapes and blends with luxury elements. With these two essentials, LUXA2 creates the emotion, desire, and conjures a unique lifestyle. LUXA2’s belief in design is - subvert traditions. Therefore you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use. With this design concept, LUXA2 appears to be unique and preeminent from others.


On the next page, we'll take a closer look and test out the usefulness of the product.