Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler (HPFI7-10025)

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Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler (HPFI7-10025)
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Product: Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler (HPFI7-10025)
Provided By: Evercool



Today we are taking a look at a new cooler from Evercool, the Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler. This cooler is aimed at the budget market, and it should be very interesting to see how it performs compared to stock cooler as well as some more expensive coolers that we've recently tested.

The Buffalo cooler actually comes in three different varieties, but today we are looking at the recently updated HPFI7-10025 version which is designed for use with the Intel Core i7 line of processors only.


First Impressions:

Evercool Buffalo - Front View
bottom .jpg
Evercool Buffalo - Bottom View


Right out of the box you'll notice that the Buffalo CPU cooler is quite a bit smaller than some of the other Intel Core i7 coolers we've looked. The Buffalo isn't really a flashy cooler by any means, but with the red fan and black grill it looks decent enough and looks better than stock cooling by far.

boxfront .jpg
Evercool Buffalo - Box Front
boxside .jpg
Evercool Buffalo - Box Side


front .jpg
Evercool Buffalo - Accessories
side .jpg
Evercool Buffalo - Side View


As you can see in the picture above (left), the Buffalo doesn't come with a lot of accessories. In fact it only comes with a tube of thermal paste and that's all. All mounting hardware comes pre-installed on the cooler so pretty much all you have to do is put some thermal paste on your CPU and clip the cooler on and you're done.....talk about simple installation.

top .jpg
Evercool Buffalo -
back .jpg
Evercool Buffalo -