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NZXT M59 Chassis
Closer Look at the M59
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Closer Look:

At first glance, there really isn't anything all that special about the case, but it appears to have good airflow and a aggressive front appearance.

NZXT M59 Back and Front
Front & Back
 NZXT M59 Top Fans
Top & Side Fans


Opening up the case we fine included with the M59 are 2 fans, one 120mm on the window side and one on the back. Expanding its horizons a little 2 140/120mm fans can be placed on the top, as well as one on the front right beside the HDD cage. These make for a total of 5 fans pushing air through the case. NZXT even included an exhaust through the bottom for those fancy Power Supplies like mine ;) and the coolest thing is that it has a removable dust filter!

NZXT M59 Drive cages
Front Inside

NZXT M59 Case Inside
Side Open


The case also comes as water cooling ready. Two holes in the back of the case are ready made for the tubes and the top of the case is compatible with even a dual radiator.  This means it's ready for any enthusiast's water cooling setup.

The I/O panel on the front of the case includes two USB ports and audio headphone and microphone ports. Also as the eSATA port grows in capacity more and more cases are starting to adopt it. On the other hand, no Firewire port was included in the design. Sadly this particular format is going the way of the dinosaurs and floppies. The Power button has a ring around it that glows blue, and the reset button has a ring around it that glows green.



As far as tool-less design goes drive sliders are only included for the hard drives. The optical drives, on the other hand, require screws, thankfully a schwackload of thumb-screws were included for just such an occasion.

The case includes four 5.25” optical drive bays, for fan controllers, optical drives, card readers, and any other paraphernalia that happens to pop up. Storage space isn’t going to be a problem with seven 3.5” HDD bays = 14tb will be enough for even the most power user. Now while there are two floppy drive bays available, don’t get out your floppy drives just yet. The exits for those bays are actually blocked by the front panel I/O. Also these bays are not included in the tool less design, meaning that they require screws, oh what a shame.

Behind the motherboard’s CPU socket there is a large square hole. This makes changing a CPU cooler a whole lot easier, rather than taking out the entire ensemble, all that is required is the removal of both sides of the case to use that hole for the back bracket.

Also, depending on the motherboard design, the case allows for a total of seven expansion cards. When these slots are unused the covers are vented to allow even more airflow to flow through the case without allowing too much dust inside.

 NZXT M59 Accessories
Bundled Gear

NZXT M59 Light Rim
M59 Glow



The accessories included with the case are pretty standard, manual, motherboard mounts, motherboard screws. However an adapter is included for one 2.5” HDD this is definitely nice in case say a laptop dies and important data is stored on that drive that needs to be saved. Like I stated before a ton of thumbscrews are included along with some pretty useless plastic washers.

If I had to choose one thing that was sexy about this case, it would be the blue light at the top of the front bezel. Just above the top optical drive, a glowing rod of blue runs the width of the case and part way down the sides. This was specifically created to appeal to gamers worldwide, who doesn’t want a nice soft blue glow pimping his/her ride…er…case?

Also on the first 5.25" bay there is an optical drive bay cover, this helps keeps the colors all exactly the same. There is nothing more damaging to the color scheme than having a beige optical drive sitting inside a black case. Most of the time this is only seen with pre-build systems from companies such as Dell or HP, however, NZXT has seen it fit to include one here.