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NZXT Beta Evo Mid-Tower Case
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Product(s): NZXT Beta Evo Mid-Tower Case
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Today we are taking a look at a new case from NZXT from their "Classic Series" line of cases which has featured other cases such as the M59 (you can read our review of the M59 here), as well as the original Beta (you can read our review of the original Beta case here), and the NZXT Whisper case (you can read our review of the Whisper case here).

The Beta Evo case that we are taking a look at is very similar to the original NZXT Beta case and features somewhat similar styling of the front bezel. Both the Beta and Beta Evo have a somewhat professional look to them and both have some similar features and general design.

Let's take a closer look at what the NZXT Beta Evo case is all about.

Closer Look

front2 .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Front View
box .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Packaging

As you can see in the pictures above and below, the Beta Evo case isn't the flashiest case on the market; it has a pretty "professional" look to it and overall looks pretty basic. This case probably appeals to a much broader audience than some of the other NZXT offerings and isn't necessarily aimed at gamers/enthusiasts like some of the other cases we've taken a look at in the past have been.

front .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Front View
top2 .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Top View


bottom .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Bottom View
top .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Top View

Airflow shouldn't be an issue with the Beta Evo as you can see in the pictures above and below. The Beta Evo has room for 6 120mm fans (Two in the top, two in the side panel, one in the front, and one in the rear). The Beta Evo only comes with one included fan (installed in the front), so you're going to have to go pickup a few more fans if you want more airflow. As you can also see there is a grill on the bottom of the case to allow your power supply to get some fresh air (power supply is mounted in the bottom of this case).

side .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Side View
side2 .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Side View

One of the features I really liked in the NZXT Lexa S that I just reviewed (full review can be found here) was the square hole in the motherboard tray which will allow you to install an aftermarket cooler without having to remove your motherboard from the case, and the NZXT Beta Evo has the same design (pictured below, left).

There are also holes in the motherboard that allow you to run cables in behind the motherboard try and these really help reduce cable clutter, especially when you're running cables to your rack of hard drives.

inside .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Hard Drive Rack
inside2 .jpg
NZXT Beta Evo - Inside View

The chassis of the Beta Evo was pretty much exactly the same as the Lexa S (full review can be found here), so I won't go into great detail about the little things, but it's worth pointing out once again that NZXT has some great cable management features which allow you to remove cable clutter and help improve airflow and generally just make the inside of your case look nicer.