Trendnet TEW-649UB Mini Wireless N

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Trendnet TEW-649UB Mini Wireless N
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Product: Trendnet TEW-649UB Mini Wireless N USB Adapter
Provided By: Trendnet
Price: ~$24.99 Online



 Today we are looking at a little product from Trendnet that makes upgrading your laptop to 802.11n quite unobtrusive.  If you're laptop has an older 802.11b (11Mbps) or 802.11g (54Mbps) wireless connection, the TEW-649UB from Trendnet can help bring your laptop or desktop PC in the realm of 802.11n (300Mbps).  While most USB-based networking solutions are a little bulky, the solution we have on the bench from Trendnet today doesn't fall into this category at all.  As you'll see in a bit, the size of the TEW-649UB is very small and we'll find out if the performance is equally minimalistic or if it compensates for its physical shortcomings.



A while ago we saw Trendnet break the mold of its older cheap blue looking hardware and since then they've gone with a nice sleek black finish.  The retail box on the TEW-649UB also looks pretty slick and it may catch the eye of the consumer.  Hopefully, this works out well for them.

Inside the box is a small quick-install guide that keeps you covered in five languages.  Also in the box is a driver CD that comes with a driver/utility as well as a product manual and other non-interesting stuff.  Once you've removed both of these item from the box, you finally make eye contact with the little USB adapter.  It is certainly quite small and I've seen Bluetooth dongles over the past few years that dwarf this in size.



On the next page, we'll take a quick look at the features and specifications of the TEW-649UB before we drop it in a system and test the performance of this little adapter.