Everglide Giganta Optical

Product: Everglide GIGANTA Mouse Pad OPTICAL SMOKE
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I've been a fan of "premium" mouse pads for a while.  Over the years, I've used some soft mats, and followed along with the Ratpadz trend for a while.  I was always quite a fan of the original Ratpadz, but to be quite honest, I was never much of a fan of the Ratpadz GS.  It seemed a bit gritty and it was only a month or so before I'd worn bald spots on the pad. . . all the while using Pledge to slick things up.  This time around we're taking a look at a pad that is slightly more money, but it could be worth the price.

The Pad:

This pad is quite different from the standard solid opaque plastic pads that are very popular.

It's very comparible in size to the Ratpadz, but due to the deeper bevel on the edge and the smaller wrist cut out, it does feel like it's a slightly smaller pad.  The question is, "Do I use every inch of my pad?"  I know I don't.

This pad is held down on the desk by 5 soft grippy feet.  These do a very good job of keeping it in one place on my desk and on a smooth table.  The pad is solid and doesn't rock or wiggle at all.  Bonus.

Specs & Features:

Before I get into testing, I should give you the specs and features from Everglide.

Optical mice see everything in the red spectrum no matter what color is really there because it uses a red LED to light the surface on which it rests.

Cordless optical mice have a power saving feature that shines less light on highly reflective surfaces and more light on less reflective surfaces.

The mouse optical eye must detect a difference in the surface as the mouse moves over it. If the surface and/or image is too regular the eye can't distinguish the differences in the surface as it moves and therefore cannot track.

If you use a high percentage of very light colors and just enough black (contrast medium) so that the optical eye can track movement you will achieve the goals of conserving power and attaining good tracking.

Long considered an innovator where mouse pads are concerned EverGlide makes some of the best mouse pads available.

Everyday desktop scrolling and tooling around an OS with this mouse pad will seem easier. The slick finished surface makes it easier to maneuver and with more exact movement there is less pressure put on your wrist to move around.

The durability of an EverGlide product combined with it's great mousing surface should make this pad a part of your system for a long time.

  • Colour / Tint: Smoke
  • Reactive agent: 8% reflective particles
  • 9-1/2" High, 11-1/2" Wide, 1/4" Deep
  • Micro-beveled edges so as not to irritate your wrist combined with a circular cutout for wrist placement, a "Space Age Design".
  • Designed to improve the mousing experience and provide smooth scrolling for everyday use or a serious Frag Fest. EverGlide gives you the edge over the competition.
  • The underside has 5 rubber footpads to grip it to your desktop surface and provides a slip resistant experience.
  • This EverGlide product is washable and can be scrubbed but we're not sure about dishwasher safe =)

Well, now you know.


I've been using this pad now for a few months, and I'll be honest.  I love it.  It replaced a Ratpadz which, even though older, replaced a Ratpadz GS.  In photo or video editing applications, this pad works great with my MX700.  It is smooth, precise and doesn't skip in any way, shape, or form.

As far as gaming goes, it took me a while to get used to it.  I didn't realize that my previous pad was so sluggish.  When I first started playing UT2004 with the Everglide, I could connect on any shock combos or pull any head-shots with the sniper rife.  I would overcompensate on all my movements as the pad was so immediately responsive.  The other people at the LAN were quite pleased at this, although they never had much to fear in the first place.


This isn't a long review, but I hope it's informative.  Quite simply, the Everglide Giganta Optical rocks!  I'm very impressed with the performance of it over my previous pads.  The true test of value however is time.  This pad has already outlasted a Ratpadz GS, so things are looking good.  We'll have to wait and see.  In the meantime however, it is a great pad for webbing, editing, and gaming.  If you own a mouse, you owe it to yourself to snag this pad.


  • Very responsive pad.
  • Stays put.
  • Looks like it will last fairly well.


  • Slightly smaller area that other gaming mats. (I'm fine with it though)

Truth be told, I don't mind spending a bit extra money, if you get what you pay for, and in the case of the Everglide Giganta Optical, it's worth every penny.  If you own a mouse, you owe it to yourself to own an Everglide.


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Total Score 9.75

If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please head on over and post them in the forum here.  Until then, happy fragging!