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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

Plextor PVR

Plextor has just announced it's upcoming Personal Video Recorder with MPEG-4 and DivX hardware compression.  This unit is labeled as the ConvertX PVR model PX-TV402U, and carries with it many of the same features of the PX-M402U plus an additional TV Tuner.  The addition of the tuner answers many of the cries of the hardware community, and shows that Plextor is listening.  Check out more goods over here.

"The PX-TV402U is a cost-effective way for any home PC user to get all the same benefits of having an expensive DVR hooked up to the television set in their living room, including being able to watch all their favorite shows whenever they want,� said Dirk Peters, director of marketing, Plextor. “But the PX-TV402U has the additional advantage of being connected to the PC so users can easily add hard disk storage when they want more capacity, they can burn CDs and DVDs using their CD/DVD burner and they can have access to the Internet so they can share their favorite videos and home movies with peers. PC based PVRs combine the benefits of a TV based PVR with the power and flexibility of a PC.�