ASUS NX90 Laptop - Just Released

Asus has kicked off CES 2010 at their press conference (which we were lucky enough to attend) with a new release of their new NX90 laptop. This laptop looks like it belongs in a modern art museum with its super sleek design, but also packs quite a punch hardware-wise. This laptop will be available with either the Intel i5 of i7processor and features a 18.4 Inch LCD (or 16 Inch for NX60 model).

Also interesting to note is the that this system was design in collaboration with David Lewis who is the chief designer from Bang & Olufsen and features Bang & Olufsen ICEPower speakers which are designed to provide a full audio experience.

As of right now the price tag of this system is unknown, but it was suggested that it could be in the ~$2500 USD price range. 

If you're interested, you can check out all of the pictures in the January 5, 2010 CES Gallery here and go and listen to WTU Episode #25 from Las Vegas over here.  If you're feeling brave you can check out the full unedited show over at