NVIDIA Press Conference - Tegra Goodness

 NVIDIA Press Conference

We attended the NVIDIA Press conference on Thursday and were honestly not blow away by the NVIDIA announcements - or rather lack of announcements.  Their big thing this year was all about the new Tegra and how they can bring this powerful platform into the car - such as an Audi and start to take over the mid and mobile space.  To be perfectly fair the new Tegra is an amazing little beast.

 Tegra Powered
Tegra Powered

 Tegra 2 Platform
Tegra Platform


This new little platform is quite powerful with 8 independent processors including a dual core Coretex-A9 CPU and sips power at an amazing 500 milliwatts.  They called in Tim Sweeney, found of EPIC Games and shows some live Unreal Engine 3 action on a Tegra powered platform.  That is pretty incredible for something that promises such long battery life.  

 New Tegra


As PCs get smaller and more powerful, they are moving into the car and they showed off this capability, integration and functionality in an Audi mock-up.  It looked pretty impressive, but I know the car is a little out of my price range.  I do believe Tim Sweeney has several though.

  NVIDIA + Audi = Love
NVIDIA + Audi = Tech/Nerd Love

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