Ultra X4 500W Modular PSU - 500W PSU Specs, Cables and More

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Ultra X4 500W Modular PSU
500W PSU Specs, Cables and More
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SU Features & Specs:

The following information has been pulled from the Ultra Products product page here and re-posted for your convenience.

Ultra has taken a whole new approach to computer power supplies with the Ultra X4 Modular Power Supply. With Ultra's patented Modular Design, you only connect the cables which you need increasing airflow and giving your chassis that nice clean-look. The Ultra X4 Modular Power Supply uses a 135mm fan improves airflow throughout the chassis while keeping noise at a minimum. The Ultra X4 Modular Power Supply is integrated short circuit protection and thermal overload sensors automatically protects the PC when surges or overheating become an issue. With 3 year standard and lifetime warranty available upon registration, Ultra's customer service meets the highest industry standards.





Detailed Features:



The PCIe information listed above can be a little confusing.  Ultra Products states that there are 2x 6-pin and 1x 8-pin PCIe connectors.  The truth is, one cable can do either 6-pin or 8-pin, but you can only plug in two PCIe cables into the system at one time.

While Ultra Products has decided on a 500W rating for this PSU, if you do the math on the voltage rails we find that the PSU could possible handle a bit more.  This of course is theoretical output.   The 5v rail could actually product 120W while the 3.3v rail is rated at an actual 79.2W.  The +12v rail is 32A and can produce as much as 384W, while the -12v rail and +5VSB produce a total of 16W.  Ultra Products has been conservative all around as the total output (by math) is 599.2W.  Most companies are a little more conservative, so testing this unit will be interesting.



Modular Cables:

Ultra is the company that started the Modular Power Supply craze and they in fact hold the patent to this technology.  Much like earlier X series PSUs, the X4 is completely modular as you saw in pictures on the previous page.  In the bag are all of the cables divided into two groups.  We'll cover them separately below.

 Main Cables
Main Cables
 Power Cables
Power Cables
 Sata Cables
Sata Cables
 Molex Cables
Molex Cables


In case you're keeping track, the Ultra X4 500W PSU has a bit lighter cable package than the 850W version - a 24-pin motherboard cable, a 4-pin motherboard power cable, an 8-pin motherboard power cable, support for 9x Molex peripherals, 2x FDDs, 11x SATA drives and 2x PCIe 6-pin (1x PCIe 8-pin capable).  That's a decent amount of connectors, but I'd still like to see a total of four PCIe connectors.. 

On the next page we'll take a closer look inside and go over the test setup.