NZXT Hades Crafted Series Midtower - System Installation and Conclusion

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System Installation:

The NZXT Hades case is not the largest mid-tower case on the market and it makes system installation a little more cramped than some other cases we've looked at recently.  In the end, there is nothing that is glaringly wrong; it is simply that with the motherboard pushed to the very top of the chassis the top row of screws isn't as simple to install as it could be.  If the case was one inch taller and the motherboard was moved down a bit, the entire process would be easier and you'd have the option of installing a radiator at the top of the case. 

Although this case presents itself as a "9 Bay" Midtower case, there in fact is only included HDD rails for three drives.  While that is certainly enough for most people, I think a minimum of four drive bays would be more appealing as it allows a couple of RAID arrays - one RAID 1 and a RAID 0 for your fastest applications and programs.  That being said, the HDD mounting method is pretty interesting and it allows your drives to be mounted with anti-vibration grommets and helps keep the case quiet.

HDD Mounting
HDD Mounting 


As previously mentioned the top of the case is a tight fit with the motherboard.  In the picture below you can see just how close the top fan is to the board.  This makes screw installation a little slanted and if you are using thumbscrews on your motherboard, it is a knuckle-banger.

Fans Close
Fans Close


Overall, installation is quite painless and if you've built more than one system you won't have any issues at all.  The system looks pretty clean and tidy and if you take a little more care than I did, you'll have a great finished product that you're happy to show off.  As the case lacks a window in favor of a huge fan, you may be happy with my result.

Side Off Installed
Side Off Installed
Front Monitor
Front Monitor


There are three temperature sensors included with the Hades as well as a couple of fan controllers.  This allows you to control the temperature/noise ratio and give you extra value - without dropping extra cash on a fan controller.  While you do have to open the door of your case to control the fans, the temperature is displayed with the door closed.  The standard LED display - along with the angle allows for easy viewing when the case is on the floor beside your desk.



The NZXT Hades case isn't anything too new or revolutionary from NZXT.  It uses a fairly standard internal layout that gives you a total of nine bays in a mid-tower case.  These nine bays include four external 5.25" bays, three internal 3.5" HDD bays (provided HDD Hardware) and one internal 2.5" SSD bay.  That makes a total of eight.  One of these 5.25" bays is exclusively an internal 5.25" bay that doesn't include a HDD rail system so it becomes almost entirely useless - unless you want to mount an internal DVDRW that you can't use.  This could all be fixed with the addition of an extra HDD rail set - allowing four 3.5" drives to be used.

While the case certainly isn't a bad case, there are a couple of things that overshadow the potential greatness.  The top motherboard area is a tight fit and the extra useless bay is kind of odd.  Granted, most people won't use all eight bays, but leaving one unusable is weird.  On the upside, the case has great airflow, filtered intakes, is very quiet and provides fan control and temperature monitoring.  Cable management is pretty good and you can certainly buy a much worse case if you try.  Overall, it scores pretty well, but fall short of a "Gold" Award.


  • "Nine" Drive Bays
  • Included Temperature Monitor & Fan Controller
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Filtered Air Intakes
  • Good Cable Management



  • Crowded at Top of Case
  • One Unusable Bay
  • Door Blocks Fan Controllers and Must be Shut to view temperature




I'd like to thank NZXT for firing over this case for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.