Day 1 - CoolIT @ CeBIT 2010

We made a quick stop at the CoolIT booth here at CeBIT 2010 and checked out some of their new products. We visited CoolIT at CES 2010 a couple months ago (you can read our coverage over here) so most of their products were ones that we've already seen. The Vantage and Eco CPU coolers are the new products from CoolIT for 2010 and once again are being featured by CoolIT here at CeBIT. 


CoolIT Vantage
CoolIT Vantage

Today we were able to take a closer look at the new Maestro system from CoolIT which is CoolIT's new system that allows you to run all your compatible components (CPU Cooler, GPU Cooler, Fans, and Lights) all together and setup custom profiles for them. For example if you wanted you internal LED lights to turn purple when your CPU temperature climbs over 40 degrees, you can do that with Maestro. Basically you can now take complete control over all the fans in your system with CoolIT's easy to use Maestro software. 


CoolIT Maestro Setup
CoolIT Maestro Software

Definitely some cool stuff from the guys over at CoolIT, we look forward to getting some of these new products on our test bench and seeing how they stack up against the competition.

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