Day 1 - Reeven @ CeBIT 2010

We had the chance to stop by Reeven on Day 1 of our CeBIT coverage and were able to find out more about this relatively new company. Reeven was founded in 2008 and aim to provide "Professional Quality Gears". Reeven offers a full lineup of CPU Coolers, Fan Controllers, Fans, and Fan Controllers. More information about Reeven can be found at their website.

Zotca Fan Controllers
Reeven Fan Controllers - RFC-01 and RFC-02

From Air Cooling to Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Reeven has you covered. We've included a picture of the "Extreme Cooling Cup" that Reeven has co-designed with Scythe for the extreme overclockers.


OC Test Bench
Extreme Cooling Cup Liquid Nitrogen Cooler

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