Day 1 - Matrox @ CeBIT 2010

Matrox has been in the video business for quite some time and have established a reputation for being one of the best multi-display video companies and they are showing that off here at CeBIT 2010.

The new Matrox mulit-display cards use mini-Display port connectors on the card and are able to run 8 displays on each card (Matrox software allows for 2 of these cards to be run together for a total of 16 displays on one system). For this demo they have used the mini-Display port to display port adapters which are then connected to display port to DVI connectors so as you can see in the pictures the cabling is pretty hefty.


Matrox Display Array
Matrox - 12 Displays running @ 1900x1200


There are a fair amount of cables coming out of this system, but I'm sure most users who need this type of monitor setup won't mind one bit and when compared to other solutions this is definitely manageable.


Matrox Cable Mess
Cables and Adaptors



Matrox Display Cabling
Side View