Day 3 - Scythe @ CeBIT 2010

We had the chance to stop by and see some of the new products from Scythe this year at CeBIT 2010. We've taken a look at some Scythe products in the past (Scythe Kama Cross CPU Cooler reviewed here) and they've always done very well. You can find out more about Scythe and their full lineup of products over here.

One of the most interesting products that we saw at the Scythe booth was the Susano CPU Cooler which features 4 92mm fans on the top of this cooler. As you can see in the picture this isn't a small cooler by any means. The Susana is still a prototype so its tough to tell if the final product will look the same, but from the looks of the Susano is appears this should offer some pretty high-end cooling performance.


 Scythe - Monster HSF
Scythe - Susano CPU Cooler (Prototype)


Scythe is probably best known for their CPU Coolers and other cooling products, but Scythe also builds cases, power supplies, fan controllers, audio products and more. Scythe was showing off some systems that were built by local computer companies  with the full lineup of Scythe products.


Scythe - Full System
Scythe - Full Scythe System


Scythe was also showing off some of their power supply lineup. One of their interesting products is the Chouriki2 Power Supply that features some interesting cabling which looks more like SATA cables than traditional power supply cables.


Scythe - Weird Sleeves
Scythe - Chouriki2 Power Supply


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