SteelSeries 9HD Pro Gaming Surface - Testing and Final Thoughts

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SteelSeries 9HD Pro Gaming Surface
Testing and Final Thoughts


I tested this pad with several different mice, including everything from a cheap ball mouse to a Razor Diamondback. They all tracked very well and movement was very precise. It did well from surfing the web to battling in a first person shooter. No matter what mouse I used, they were very responsive and precise - way better than no pad or the cheap cloth one from Wal-Mart. I even tried it on several different computers; it performed flawlessly.

  9HD Closeup
9HD Closeup

I accidentally spilled some soda on it. You know things happen! Thankfully, cleaning it was a breeze. All it took was a damp cloth. There wasn’t even a hint of anything sticky on it, which is incredibly nice! Most people know better than to eat or drink around computer, but we all do it. So, accidents do happen. Thankfully the 9HD will clean up easily.

 SteelSeries 9HD and Xai


If you are looking for a new pad or you just want to improve your game; definitely give this pad consideration! It has a large surface area that is great for gaming. You have plenty of room for radical movements like barrel rolls in an Apache, to dive bombing in an F18. If you like running around a lot, or jumping around corners and spraying the whole room, this pad is for you. Its rubber backing grips the desk very well. It did not move any during intense gaming. I like it. 



  • Large surface area
  • Easily cleaned
  • Very durable
  • Non slip backing
  • Great pad for gaming


  • A tad on the expensive side




I would like to thank SteelSeries for sending me this product. I found it to be high quality, and I will definitely give them consideration when looking for anything gaming.