Day 4 - Loop @ CeBIT 2010

Chances are good that a good majority of our readers have never heard of Loop before, and to be honest neither had we, however after walking by their booth and seeing some of their cases we had to stop and take a closer look. 

The newest addition to Loop's case lineup is the Ignition case which thanks to it's unique styling really catches the eye and offers something that we've never seen before.


Loop - Ignition Case


You can find out more about Loop over here at their website.

The Loop Ignition case features 9 tool-less drive bays so you can add as many optical drives and HDD's are you want. The chassis of the Ignition case also has room for up to 7 fans so cooling shouldn't be a problem either.


Loop - Ignition Case (Side View)


Most of Loop's lineup of cases are offered in both Black and White. Due to the plastic exterior (inside chassis of case is steel) these cases can be made in different colors easily.


Loop - Case Lineup (White Versions)


Loop - Case Lineup


A common theme in Loop's cases are the fact that they like to mix in aluminum in their designs. As you can see in the next picture the entire top of this case is aluminum and has a bit of a tray on top which will allow you to keep all your hard drives and various accessories from sliding off the top of the case (while still looking pretty sharp in the process)



Loop - Top View (LS-2503 Black)


Loop - Mini ITX Case Lineup


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