Plextor PX-128M1S 128GB SSD - Features and Specifications

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The following information has been pulled from the Plextor product page and reposted here for your convenience.  For up to date information, make sure you check the Plextor website.

Leveraging Plextor’s years of expertise in optical storage products, Plextor is proud to expand its product category to the solid state drive.

The Plextor SSDs are designed to bring top performance and portability to your daily workflow. With Plextor’s wear Leveling Technology, the SSDs can maintain the performance and reliability over an extended period of usage. The SMART technology analyzes data error ensuring the accuracy of data every time you use the drives. PC Mark, SYSMark, & HD Benchmark industry utility tests gave high scores to Plextor SSDs which have proven to prevent data degradation overtime when compared with other SSDs.

The PX-128M1S is offered in a 2.5” small form factor that delivers a digital storage capacity of 128GB. It has a SATA II interface for better performance and versatility. It delivers 130MB/s sequential read, and 70MB/s in sequential write, and up to 4,300 random read IOPS and 1,800 random write IOPS. The PX-128MIS also offers low power consumption, high shock and vibration resistance among other benefits.

The PX-128M1S bundles Acronis® True Image provides users a full set of advanced features for backup and recovery needs. 


While the feature list looks pretty good for starters, there is more information to be found.

The Latest Technology

  • Innovative technology prevents degradation in performance and maintains original condition
  • Wear leveling technology maintains SSD reliability over period of usage
  • S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) for error analyzing and reporting
  • Designed with a commercial grade controller IC for professional use
  • 64MB on-board cache
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Completed SATA compatibility test in “Drive Master”

Performance & Reliability

  • Sustain up to 50,000 power on-off cycles
  • MTBF 1.5M hours
  • Top scores received in PCMark & SYSMark & HD Tune Benchmark tests
  • High shock and vibration resistance



It looks pretty solid according to all of the above information.  Lastly we have the full list of specifications.





I was a little surprised to see that the read speed was rated at a mere 130MB/sec maximum throughput and the write speed is as low as 70MB/sec maximum.  Plextor claims a couple of redeeming features and benefits however.  They claim that with their wear leveling technology, the drive will retain the same performance whether it is "clean" or "dirty".  Only time will tell how this actually performs in the real world, but we have certainly seen other drive performance degrade considerably until we ran a restoration utility to restore the drive to a "clean" state.  According to Plextor and their choice of SSD controller, this won't ever be an issue.  It is also rated for use up to 75,000' so if you're an aspiring astronaut, this will help you get some height - but it's not rated to run in space.

On the next page we'll pull it apart and see what makes it tick before we make it tick in our tests.