Plextor PX-128M1S 128GB SSD - Crystal DiskMark and HDTach

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Performance - Crystal DiskMark 2.2:

As we get warmed up with the benchmarks we stop by and give Crystal DiskMark a run through the paces.  This is a very basic read and write test that is used to either confirm or deny the manufacturers rated speeds.  DiskMark uses sequential tests as well as 4KB and 512KB random tests to gauge how the drive will perform when reading and writing various file sizes.  The results were not too surprising based on what we saw with the ATTO test on the previous page - smaller file sizes = lower performance, and the Plextor fall short of the competition and its rated write speed, but exceeds its rated read speed once again.

Crystal Read Chart


 Crystal Write Chart


While the Plextor drive lags behind in write tests at all speeds, it shows a very strong performance at 512K write speeds and actually bests the faster drives from Patriot and Crucial.


Performance - HDTach:

While HDTach was great for testing out traditional hard drives, it lack the precision required to test SSDs properly.  We still included the results as they read speed is quite interesting, but as you can see below the burst speed is not at all accurate.  In this test we compare all three 128GB SSDs we've looked at recently.

HDTach Chart

HDTach shows the same overall results as the other benchmarks at this point.  The slower spec'd Plextor drive is indeed slower.