Thermaltake Silent 1156 Heatsink - Bundle, Features and Specs

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Thermaltake Silent 1156 Bundle:

As we mentioned earlier, the bundle included with the Silent 1156 isn't all that impressive as it only supports a single platform.   We have a picture of the meager bundle below as well as the fan assembly from this heatsink.  As you can see the 92mm fan uses 80mm mounting holes so if you're thinking of beefing up the fan on this unit, you'll probably have to shop for an 80mm fan for compatibility.

Included Bundle
Included Bundle
Fan And Mount
Fan And Mount



Thermaltake Silent 1156 HSF Features:

The Silent 1156 isn't very big, and neither is the list of features.  We've pulled some of the basic features of this cooler from the Thermaltake product page and re-posted here for your convenience.

  • Supports Intel® processor Socket LGA1156
  • 2pcs 8mm Heat Pipes provide the best performance.
  • 90mm PWM fan (800-1700 RPM) decreases power consumption, reduces acoustics noise and increases fan performance.
  • Premium thermal grease provides higher thermal conductivity between CPU and  cooler.
  • Tool-less clip, push-pin design for quick and easy installation.



Although I've mentioned a few times that this heatsink is "small".  It certainly has enough size to matter.  The design isn't all that small in and of itself, it just appears small when compared to the Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler.


The specifications don't look all that impressive.  It is currently rated to handle any Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU that plugs into your favorite LGA1156 motherboard.  As you can see below, the maximum fan speed is rated at 1700rpm, so it should in fact be quiet.


On the next page we'll take a look at installing the Silent 1156 before we jump into testing.