Thermaltake Silent 1156 Heatsink - Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts:

The Thermaltake Silent 1156 is a traditional tower heatpipe heatsink with a few enhancements.  It has large heatpipes than many other heatsinks of its size.  It comes with a very quiet 92mm fan that is designed to mount on a traditional 80mm mount.  This gives the Silent 1156 a little more airflow at lower noise than other heatsinks that use a 80mm fan.  The best thing about the heatsink - other than its performance - is the price.  It has a suggested retail price of $30 which means that you will probably be able to find it under $25 if you shop around.

The performance was definitely good and when you compare it to a stock heatsink that allows the CPU to reach the boiling point of water it seems even better.  I found it unbelievable that our Core i7 860 hit 99°C with the stock cooler and I'm glad to see the Silent 1156 shave off 27°C (50°F) from the stock temps.  Consider that you're getting almost a degree of performance cooling for each dollar you spend and this makes the Silent 1156 great value.

The only downside is the fact that it requires a screwdriver to install the mounting brackets that you'll never change, swap or modify as this heatsink is geared for a single platform.  I believe that they should be installed in the box and then installation would take no more than a minute - if you're slow.



  • Smaller than many other aftermarket heatsinks
  • Good performance
  • Easy Installation
  • Great value for 1156 platforms 



  • Mounting hardware must be installed 




I'd like to thank Thermaltake for sending us the Silent 1156 CPU Cooler. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.