ASRock H55DE3 Motherboard - Final Thoughts and Score

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Final Thoughts and Score

Final Thoughts:

When Intel launched the 1156 platform I was afraid that the performance would be taking a step backwards.  Consumers want faster, not slower - and other than synthetic memory performance the 1156 platform seems to be able to hold its own.  Clock-for-clock the ASRock H55DE3 was able to keep up with more expensive Socket 1366 hardware.  In the end, the ASRock H55DE3 is a great board for a bargain price.  It isn't fancy and doesn't have enthusiast features like a CMOS reset button, on-board power buttons or even Firewire.  For the price it is pretty hard to beat though.  It offers everything you need, good overclocking performance, fast SATA support, and speedy network performance and does it without active cooling.  It's a good choice.

It's not all gravy though.  I would have loved to see all solid-state capacitors instead of just on the CPU power circuit.  In truth, these are typically the ones that fail, but it would give me greater peace of mind if they'd taken that extra half a step toward better reliability.  With that in mind, the board currently retails for a mere $90 and that makes it great value.


  • Good layout
  • Solid State power regulation for the CPU
  • Good overclocking capability
  • Supports CrossfireX
  • Good passive cooling on critical components



  • No rear brackets and poor accessories
  • No Crossfire bridges
  • No firewire





I'd like to thank ASRock for sending over this board for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.