ASRock A330ION ITX Motherboard - Synthetic Testing Continued

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Synthetic Performance:

As we keep thing rolling we'll take a look at PCMark Vantage numbers.  We just ran this test at stock speeds and aren't including any other system for reference, as all other systems we've tested are more mainstream, and not of the nettop/netbook variety.  We've included performance numbers from the stock-clocked ION Nettop for reference.  You can see that the motherboard system with standard sized drive and DDR3 has a slight lead over the more compact system.


The performance of the A330ION motherboard edges out the ION-based Nettop on everything but memory.  The DDR2-800 with tighter timings actually showed better performance in this test, yet overall system performance of the A330ION shows better.  We'll see if that holds true as we continue.


SiSoft Performance:

For our memory benchmarks this time around we stuck with SiSoft Sandra.  This benchmark shows theoretical performance of memory and this is about as close as you can get when comparing across multiple platforms.  Things such as motherboards, CPU Speed, bus speed and more play a huge role in memory performance so these comparison numbers will have to do.  You'll notice that these bandwidth numbers look a little pathetic when compared to Core i7 stuff - but oddly they are similar to AMD Athlon 64 3500+ performance.  We've included the results from the Nettop once again for comparison.

SiSoft Memory Bandwidth
SiSoft Memory Bandwidth
SiSoft CPU Arithmetic
SiSoft CPU Arithmetic

SiSoft CPU MultiMedia
SiSoft CPU MultiMedia


The CPU Arithmetic and Multimedia scores look pretty dismal if you run SiSoft Sandra on your own machine for comparison.  With that being said, they are much better than other dual-core Atom processors and even better than some CULV processors from Intel.  The results are very close, but most of the time the A330ION board has the upper hand. 


Quick & Dirty CPU Benchmark - PMCore:

As we wrap up this part of the benchmarking - before we get into some gaming, we have a look at PMCore (a synthetic benchmark).  This benchmark is largely CPU related, and we'll see that the Atom processor really gets beat like a bad dog when it comes to real calculations and actual CPU work.  Again the A330ION board takes a slight edge in this benchmark as well.


Although the Atom fails miserably when it comes to real number crunching the A330ION board does slightly better than the smaller solution from ASRock.