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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

JOGR 2.0 512mb USB Flash Disk Drive

Tech-Mods take a look at a handy USB2.0 Flash drive.  Not only is the USB2.0 feature handy, but the version they have on the bench is 512MB - which is super sweet.  Over a year ago, I snagged a 128MB USB2.0 flash drive, and I've never been sorry.  It's all good over here.

"No drivers are needed to install the JOGR 2.0 unless you are running an earlier operating system like Windows 98, if that is the case there is a supplied driver disc included in the package. Whether you are running Windows, Mac or Linux, one thing that is needed is an open USB port; an extension cable is also included if warranted for easy convenient installations. From the pictures you will notice how bright the onboard blue activity light is, this aids for quick glancing to see the operations."