Crucial Ballistix Finned DDR3-1600 - Benchmarking the Ballistix Temp Kit

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Crucial Ballistix Finned DDR3-1600
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Benchmarking the Ballistix Temp Kit

Benchmarking - Everest:

Because there is a lot of system tweaking that goes along with clocking up memory to non-standard speeds, we haven't included any "real-world" benchmarks.  In order to get the memory to run at speeds other than 1066MHz, 1333MHz, 1600MHz or 1866MHz the motherboard bus and CPU must be clocked up in order to achieve these speeds.  As we've shown before the CPU plays a huge roll in benchmark performance and so it's not fair to compare WinRAR compression when the CPU is clocked up 400MHz faster.  Of course the "RAM" will look faster, but in reality the CPU is the one doing the work.

For this reason we use two simply synthetic benchmarks to show memory performance.  How it affects performance in the real-world will depend largely on CPU, motherboard and other hardware bottlenecks so we have to be content with synthetic benchmarks to gain our number metric.  First up is Everest.


It's interesting to see that Everest shows very similar performance numbers even though the Patriot Viper kit is a triple-channel kit and theoretically should be faster.  According to this benchmark, the Crucial kit edges it out in Read, Write and Latency but trails behind slightly in Copy performance.


Benchmarking - SiSoft Sandra:

If you want to compare your DDR3 performance, you can head on over and grab SiSoft Sandra here and compare away.  We've compared the triple-channel Patriot Viper kit with the Crucial Ballistix kit once again.  Notice the major difference in this benchmark.

 SiSoft Performance

With the extra channel, the Patriot kit cleans up, but note the excellent 2.5GB/sec performance you gain from pushing your memory a little farther.  DDR3-1872 seems to work quite well.


Final Thoughts:

Crucial has taken one of their standard kits of RAM, attached better heat spreaders and hired a magician in order to get the RAM temperature viewable in a piece of software.  The kit itself isn't all that insane in terms of performance, but the temperature monitoring will likely appeal to enthusiasts.  If Crucial could broker some kind of deal to get this data included into mainstream overclocking utilities, they'd appeal to an even wider audience.  Finally, they need to add shutdown, or alarm features if the RAM temperature exceeds a certain point.  This would help extend the life of your RAM and give you a little confidence when pushing it to the limit. 

If you have a dual-channel Core i3/i5/i7 system that you want to pimp up and push to the max, the Crucial Ballistix Tracer has some pretty nice overclocking capabilities and throws in a nifty little temperature monitoring program to boot.  It's worth a look if you need a dual-channel 4GB kit.


  • Large heat spreaders
  • Software monitoring of DDR3 temperatures!
  • XMP profile
  • Runs at 8-8-8-24 2T up to 1872MHz



  • Not yet available
  • Hopefully 8GB kits will be available at launch






We have no retail price on the kit, so I can't comment on the value - still because of the features, performance and stability - it scores a Gold Editor's Choice Award.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.