Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Gamepad - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Gamepad
Testing and Final Thoughts


YES!! My favorite part of reviewing products - especially gaming products is when you get to test/play!!  I did just that; got my game face on, did my hand stretches and fired up a racing game or two and began "testing" out this sucker!  In every game it's different as to what buttons and controls you use whether it's on PC or console.  I played some NFS: Most Wanted, NFS: Undercover and Track Mania all the while the gamepad controller worked awesome.  It brings the PC racing experience into the ease of a console controller, and the thing with console controllers they work very well when turning corners.  Sometimes you just want to turn gently and can do it by simply nudging the analog stick a smidgen vs. a keyboard that makes you work harder and or doesn't work that well with turns.  I tried also to play it with FUEL and Blur - another racing specialty in my collection of fun, unfortunately I wasn't able to get it to do anything.  I even tried to find it in the options in the game but wasn't able to find or pick it up, unlike NFS and Track Mania which worked out of the box.

 Ferrari F430 Gamepad
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Although I don't play FPS games on consoles, I was curious and just for kicks decided to try it on another game I love playing.  I figured I'd try it on some Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  The manual stated that it can be used in action adventure games such as FPS, but unfortunately I have ZERO console FPS skillz, and was destroyed in seconds.   Let's face it, FPS games on the PC work much better with a keyboard and mouse, but if you're a die-hard console gamer, the Ferrari F430 will work on your favorite console/PC FPS game on your computer.  Some games are better played with a keyboard like FPS and some are better with a controller such as racing. 

Another nice feature is that it is also PS3 compatible and with that in mind I played some Furry Battle 2 a racing game with machine guns.  I also jumped into the shoes of Faith and played Mirrors Edge - a strategy/mission/adventure game.  It worked great on the PS3 except I didn't like that there wasn't any button that was able to get me back to the PS3 main menu like the PS3 controller has.  I had to switch controllers from around and use the main PS3 controller to kick back to the main screen to quit the game or turn it off.   It's not a deal-breaker, but the way a PS3 is built it makes sense that there's a button to quit and off the system from saving it causing a crash.  The handle of it is awesome, its not gripped but I find the controller a bit longer and sits nicely in the palms of your hands.  The buttons are easy to get to and don't stick.  It was nice to be able to pull ahead at the finish line, pull the e-break and drift to a victorious finish while leaving people blinded by my tail lights!



After circling the track, evading cops and swapping paint, I made it to the finish line.  Thrustmaster has made a PC controller that's awesome and runs like nobody's business.  The competition was rough and gritty at times out on the streets of the virtual world, but with quick finger action and smooth corner turning I was able to get good results and trophies for that matter.  Despite some games I wasn't able to get it working on, I enjoyed this controller very much that I could probably kick Zeus' butt playing head to head anytime! :)  It made racing games play smoothly like they should.  There's some buttons to use on the keyboard such as exiting a game I've noticed while "testing" but besides that it's not bad for about $30 or so.  I'd recommend it if you're a hardcore racer and looking for something that can get your game on or great gift for your friend!



  • Controls easy to reach
  • Easy installation
  • Great price
  • Extra buttons
  • PS3 compatible
  • more hand room to hold, not as small like a PlayStation controller



  • D-pad is one button/linked together
  • No button for jumping back to PS3 main menu
  • Doesn't work on out-of-the-box on every game 





I'd like to thank Thrustmaster for sending out the Ferrari F430 Gamepad out for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.