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Sungale Kula TV (IPTV)
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Sungale Kula TV Testing:

In this section of our review we will test out the Kula TV media player and see if it performs like advertised.

options .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Main Screen
clock .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Clock

As you can see in the picture above (left), this is the main screen that comes up on the Kula TV when you turn it on and you've got the option to watch TV, access media files on internal storage, view the built-in clock (pictured right) or change system settings. Everything is laid out nicely and you can easily figure it out without any troubles.

categories .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Kula TV Screen
choices .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Channel Selection

The picture quality of the channels varies, some are very good quality, some not so good quality, and some just won't load at all (pictured below). We found on a high-speed internet connection the buffering to be pretty minimal on most stations, however when we tested this unit of a "lower-speed" shared internet connection the buffering on most stations was pretty bad and it seemed like you would watch 30 seconds of TV only to have it buffer for 30 seconds before resuming play.


failed .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Failed to load channel.....


On average I would say about 3 in 10 channels that I tried failed to connect, unfortunately due to the free nature of the programming you can't really expect every channel to load every time, if the free feed is down you are just out of luck I guess.

Overall the Kula TV feature worked decently, most stations loaded up and worked with minimal buffering. The overall quality of the video was decent, some channels definitely are better than others though. The quality of the stations is a bit varied, you get most of the major networks (NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.) in the United States (you get a local affiliate, commercials included) and you also get a bunch of "interesting" channels such as the City of San Diego Council live video feed and others such as Scuba TV.

music .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Music Playback
pics .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Picture Playback

The Sungale Kula TV features the ability to play music and pictures that are stored on the internal memory or the microSD card slot. Both the music and picture feature of the Kula TV worked well and as you can see in both pictures above you've got a set of controls on the right hand side of the screen which makes it easy to skip songs or pictures or pause playback.

video .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Media Playback
natgeo .jpg
Sungale Kula TV - Media Playback

A big beef I had with the Kula TV was in regards to playing video files that you've put into internal memory or onto a microSD card. The lack of controls for playing video makes this feature pretty useless in my opinion. The lack of a fast forward, rewind, or even a resume function makes watching a longer video clip pretty painful. While playing a movie if the touchscreen is touched the movie playback stops immediately and takes you back to the media selection screen, and if you want to watch your movie you then have to start from the beginning again (no resume, no fast forward). I'm sure this could be resolved with a firmware/software update, but until its resolved the video function of the Kula TV is pretty much pointless unless you have the time to watch the clip from beginning to end with no interruptions.

If I had to assign a score to the video playback ability of the Sungale Kula TV, I would score it a 1/10 due to the complete lack of any type of media control.