Moixa USBCELL USB Rechargeable Batteries - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Moixa USBCELL USB Rechargeable Batteries
Testing and Final Thoughts


I started by charging the USB AA rechargeable batteries as recommended.  It took about 6 hours for them to be completely charged and they did get warm to the touch.  When you plug them into your USB port the charging indicator is lit.  When reach about 90% charged, the indicator starts flashing and when fully charged the indicator goes off.



After charging, I used them in every AA device I had. I tested them in everything from a Cordless beard trimmer to a flashlight. They lasted about 2 hours in trimmer, which isn’t too bad. The trimmer eats batteries. Next I tried them in my AA mini-Maglite, but they would not fit.  Then I installed them in a mouse, which was where they did best! I used the mouse for about a week before they needed charging.



I wasn’t too impressed with the USB rechargeable batteries to be quite honest.  They weren’t designed for use in some of the items I used them in. They fit best in a cordless mouse, which was what they were designed for. They did great for that particular task. So, if you use a cordless mouse they would be a great choice. They would eliminate the need to go out and get batteries every time your mouse dies or hunt for your charger for your other rechargeable batteries.  The USB rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries from Moixa are not expensive as they cost about the same as other batteries.  While they don't have a super high mAh rating, they should do for light use in some devices.



  • Self-contained charger
  • Long recharging life
  • Ease of use
  • In-Expensive



  • Does not fit every application


It is really hard to give an actual score to a USB-Rechargeable battery, but I'd say they deserve a Silver Award, based on their design, innovation and convenience.  They don't score Gold due to some compatibility and low mAh rating.


I'd like to thank Moixa for sending these batteries for us to review.  It was a different review to be given for sure.  Please post your thoughts and comments in the forum at the "Comments" link below.