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Today we have the Samsung NB30 netbook on the test bench and we are going to see if Samsung has a netbook that can separate itself from the competition. In the netbook market they are a ton of competitors and with the good majority of them using the Intel Atom CPU it makes it tough to pick one brand over another.

The Samsung NB30 is running the Intel Atom N450 processor running at 1.66GHz with 1GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive. The specs of the NB30 are pretty standard and it's some of the extra features that look to separate the Samsung from other netbooks.


Closer Look:

Chances are good if you've taken a look for netbooks you've noticed that the specs are pretty much identical. As you'll see in the pictures below the NB30 from Samsung looks pretty similar to most other netbooks, aside from the textured top cover the rest of the layout is pretty standard.

open .jpg
Samsung NB30 Netbook - Cover Open
side .jpg
Samsung NB30 Netbook - Side Inputs

The NB30 has a 10.1" WSVGA screen which sports a 1024x600 resolution which is pretty standard for netbooks.

The NB30 sports 3 USB ports (Two on the right-hand side, one on the left-hand side), 1 RJ45 network connection, kensington lock port, headphone and mic jack, and an external VGA port. The inclusion of 3 USB ports is a good choice as some other netbooks only feature 1 or 2 USB ports. On the front of the NB30 you've got a 3-in-1 card slot which allows you to plug in a MMC, SD, or SDHC card into your netbook.

bottom .jpg
  Bottom View
top .jpg
  Top View

The NB30 comes with 1GB of memory installed, also as you can see in the picture below (left) its genuine Samsung memory (shocking!). Upgrading memory is simple via one screw on the bottom of the netbook, even your grandmother could upgrade memory on the NB30.

The battery that comes with the NB30 is a 6-cell

memory .jpg
RAM Cover Open
kb .jpg

So there we go, that's what the Samsung NB30 netbook looks like. In the next section we'll take a look at the specs and then move onto finding out if this netbook can perform.

If you would like to see more pictures of the Samsung NB30 you can follow this link which will take you to Samsung's gallery.