Arctic K381 Multi-Function Keyboard

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Arctic K381 Multi-Function Keyboard
Testing and Final Thoughts

Product: Arctic K381 Keyboard
Provided By: Arctic Products
Price: $24.95 MSRP



Today we'll be taking a look at the Arctic K381 multi-functional keyboard. Arctic-Cooling has been making some well engineered products for some time now ranging from computer cases, power supplies, high end audio, and of course CPU and VGA coolers. Now lets see if their very first keyboard can stand up to the rest of their great products.


First impression:

I was quite surprised when I first opened the box and saw how small and thin the Arctic K381 keyboard is. It is the size of an Apple keyboard but thinner. Taking a closer look at the Arctic K381 keyboard, you will notice how low profile the keys and board are. The keys stand at only 3 millimeters above the main surface making the total height at the base only 12 millimeters and 20 millimeters in the back. The Arctic K381 is a standard QWERTY keyboard with all the basic keys you will need for everyday applications. The Arctic K381 keyboard is probobly the smallest fully functional keyboard on the market. The K381 comes in two colors, flat black and white. The K381 also comes with a 6 foot USB cable which is long enough to enable you to put it anywhere on your desk.

Low Profile
Low Profile


On the next page we'll take a quick look at testing before we wrap it up with our final thoughts.