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Product(s): NZXT Vulcan Micro ATX Case
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Today we've got a new case on the bench from the fine folks at NZXT. We're taking a close look at the new Micro ATX Vulcan case from NZXT which comes from their "Crafted" series of cases which also features the Hades case (which we reviewed here) and the Guardian 921 (which we reviewed here) as well as a whole bunch of other cases (you can take a look at the entire "Crafted" series from NZXT here).

The Vulcan case appears to be aimed at the Gamer/Enthusiast market that wants to be able to haul their computer around every once and while and thanks to the handy handle that is on the top of this case that shouldn't be a problem. This case also is the only Micro ATX case from NZXT in their "Crafted" series and thanks to the smaller motherboard the entire case is able to be quite a bit smaller and that makes it a bit more portable.

While the NZXT Vulcan might be a smaller case aimed at portability it still has the features that you'd get with larger NZXT cases and features like a built-in fan controller, LED lighting controls, and water-cooling cutouts make this case a very interesting choice. Let's take a closer look at what the NZXT Vulcan is all about.


First Impressions:

At first glance you'll see that the NZXT Vulcan has a bit of a unique styling to it. The styling isn't as crazy as some of the others we've seen, but I think it's a nice design and isn't just a square box with a handle on top. Overall I like the design and think it's unique but not too over the top.

NZXT Vulcan - Front View
side .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Side View

The handle on the top is a nice touch for this case, especially if you plan on packing your system around once and a while. The handle is very sturdy and even with the case loaded up with gear you won't have to worry about it breaking or anything.

Also you can see the top mounted 120mm fan that comes included as well as you've got room for a 2nd 120mm fan if you need a bit more circulation.

top .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Top View
side2 .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Side View

As you can see in the picture below the power supply in this case is bottom mounted. You've also got slots for water cooling if you choose to go that route as well a button on the back of the case that can turn LED lighting on and off.

rear2 .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Rear View
rear .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Rear View

The controls on the top of the case are pretty standard. You've got your power on and reset, mic, headphones, 2 USB and 1 eSATA connection which are easily accessible.

topbuttons .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Top Controls
bottom .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Bottom View

In the next set of pictures (pictured right) you can see the front of the case as well as the two dials at the top. These two dials control the fans inside the case and you've got two separate dials so you can control the top fans independently from the front and side fans or however you choose to hook up your fans. The fan control is a nice touch and can help make your system super quiet.

back .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Inside View
front .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Front View

Inside the case is pretty standard, you've got a 120mm fan in the front of the case which provides airflow to the hard drive rack (which has room for 2 hard drives in the bottom of the case). You've also got enough room for 2 5.25" devices and just below those slots you've got another 2 3.5" slots where you could stick another couple hard drives if you really wanted to. If you wanted to load this case up totally you could easily install 2 full length video cards, 4 hard drives, 2 optical drives and a full sized power supply...... not bad for a "small" case.

inside2 .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Inside View
inside3 .jpg
NZXT Vulcan - Inside View

There we go, that's what the NZXT Vulcan case is all about, let's move onto the next section.