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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

Radeon 9250 - Not Your Gaming Card

FastlaneHW takes a look at the rather low-end Radeon 9250. While is is awefully cheap, the performance leans towards aweful. This is no doubt due to it's 64-bit memory. If you need a card for your grandma's computer, or your super-cheap sister, this card deserves a look. It does not belong in any gaming machine though.

"The included box is very small, just enough to fit the card and accessories. It shows off the main features of the card on the box-- to brief you a bit more on those, the card features the Radeon 9250 chipset (obviously), which is a 4-pipeline, DirectX 8.1 compatible chipset, the same as the RV280 core found on the Radeon 9200. The 9250 actually is virtually identical to the 9200, but cheaper. The 240Mhz core clock speed and the 128MB of 200Mhz (400Mhz effective DDR) 64-bit DDR memory seem sluggish, but again, this card is not built for high framerates."