Thermolab BADA 2010 CPU Cooler

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Thermolab BADA 2010 CPU Cooler
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Product(s): Thermolab BADA 2010 CPU Cooler
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Today we've got a new cooler on the bench, the new Thermolab BADA 2010 CPU Cooler. While this is a "new" cooler from Thermolab, it's really is just a "updated" version of the original BADA cooler that we took a look at a while back (full review can be found here).

Due to the fact that this cooler is very similar to the original we won't be going to in-depth in most sections but we'll make sure to show you the differences between this new version and the original and see how it stacks up again the competition.

Let's take a closer look at the BADA 2010 cooler in the next section.


First Impressions:

First thing to note is the new packaging that Thermolab is using, in the past all of their products have come in brown cardboard boxes and haven't been all that aesthetically pleasing. The new packaging is much nicer looking and it just might be enough to catch your eye on a local store shelf.


Thermolab BADA 2010 - New Packaging

box .jpg
Thermolab BADA 2010 - Old Packaging

As you can see in the pictures below, the BADA 2010 is using the heatpipe-tower design, however Thermolab has kept the overall height of the BADA 2010 to only 135mm which makes this cooler a great choice if you have limited space inside your case but still want a decent cooler.

Thermolab BADA 2010 - Front View

Thermolab BADA 2010 - Side View


Thermolab BADA 2010 - Contents

Thermolab BADA 2010 - Top View

The design differences between the original BADA and the new BADA 2010 are pretty much identical, chances are good you wouldn't be able to tell the two apart (don't believe me? Check out original review and see for yourself).


Thermolab BADA 2010 - Top View

Thermolab BADA 2010 - Packaging

So there we go, we won't go too deep in this section due to the similarities of the two coolers, if you want a more in-depth look check out our original review of the BADA.